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Church Directory

Austin Wesleyan Church
525 N. Church St., Austin, IN 47102

Pastor: Bobby Kearns (Opal)
Phone: 812-584-4951 
Email Address: bkearns133@gmail.com

Bedford First Wesleyan Church
2401 H St., Bedford IN 47421,
Phone: 812-277-0936

Pastor: Michael Magruder (Julie)
Phone:  812-797-5943
Email Address: magrudermd@aol.com


Bicknell Wesleyan Church
315 Murlin St., Bicknell, IN 47512
Phone: 812-735-2474

Pastor: Mark E. Reed (Tina)
Phone: 812-735-2163
Email Address: rezalute@gmail.com


Bloomfield Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church
2891 W. State Road 157 , Bloomfield, IN 47424
Phone: 812-384-8554

Pastor: Chris Babcock (Siera)
Phone:   812-381-1060

Email:  cjbabcock35@gmail.com


Bloomfield Southside Wesleyan Church
1172 S. Seminary St., Bloomfield, IN 47424

Pastor: Gerald Montgomery (Exzelia)
Phone: 812-709-0030
Email Address: gmontgomery@martincounty.in.gov


Bloomington The Bridge Church

3001 North Prow Road, Bloomington, IN 47404

Web:  https://thebridgebtown.com

Pastor: Andy Richmond (Angie)

Phone: 816-803-7484

Email Address:  pastorandy@thebridgebtown.com


Blue River Wesleyan Church
534 N. 900 W. Arlington, IN 46104
Phone: 765-663-2175

Pastor: Aaron W. Marshall (Laneé)
Phone: 765-663-2175
Email Address: renuservices@aol.com


Boonville Wesleyan Church
509 E. Walnut St., Boonville, IN 47601
Phone: 812-897-2063

Web: www.boonforjesus.com

Pastor: Joseph Wriston
Phone:  812-305-4956

Email Address:  pastorjoeatboonvillewesleyanchurch@protonmail.com


Brazil Jackson Street Wesleyan Church
701 W. Jackson St., Brazil, IN 47834

Pastor:  Dennis Holley (Myra)

Phone:  812-243-2954

Email Address: holleydwh@aol.com

Supply Assistant Pastor:  Mary Rost (Robert)

Phone: 812-235-0278

Email Address:  mywr1619@aim.com


Clear Fork Wesleyan Church
3015 Budd Rd., New Albany, IN 47150

Pastor: Paul Shelton (Judy)
Phone: 812-236-8787
Email Address:  pwshelton@juno.com

Columbus Bethel Wesleyan Church
4510 N. 150 W., Columbus, IN 47203
Phone: 812-379-4860

Pastor: Gordon Tilley (Hettie)
Phone: 606-831-3781
Email Address: ghtilley@gmail.com


Columbus Flintwood Wesleyan Church
5300 E. 25th St., Columbus, IN 47203
Phone: 812-379-4287

Email Address: flintwoodchurch@att.net

Web: http://flintwood.org

Pastor: Wesley Jones (Teri)
Phone: 812-350-4435
Email Address: wttcj94@att.net

Youth Pastor:  Teri Jones (Wesley)

Phone:  812-350-4436

Email Address:  wttcj94@att.net

Worship Pastor:  Austin Rohm (Rachel)

Phone: 302-535-0059

Email Address:  Austin.rohm@kingswood.edu


Concord Wesleyan Church
8453 S. Benham Rd. Madison, IN 47250-9804

Pastor: Jerry Vandervort (Carol)
Phone: 812-528-5880

Email Address: cvcvandervort56@gmail.com

Corydon New Hope Wesleyan Church
1390 Old Hwy. 135 N.W., Corydon, IN 47112
Phone: 812-653-9694

Web:  corydonnewhope.com

Pastor: Charles Morgan (Jill)
Phone: 812-653-9694
Email Address: corydonnewhope1@gmail.com

Asst. Pastor:  Joey Fulton (Jason)

Phone:  931-249-8435

Email Address:  jfulton1107@gmail.com

East Enterprise Wesleyan Church
1256 Hwy 250, Vevay, IN 47043
Phone: 812-534-3084

Pastor: Donnie Meriwether (Louella)
Phone: 812-427-3397
Email Address: dmeriwether@embarqmail.com


Edinburgh 500 North (Campus Church of Flintwood)

500 North Clay Street

Edinburgh, IN  46124

Pastor: Derek Carpenter (Christin)
Phone: 812-447-3917
Email Address: derekcarpenter1981@gmail.com


English Wesleyan Church
311 S. Main St. English, IN 47118
Phone: 812-338-2050

Web:  www.englishwesleyanchurch.org

Pastor: Roger Dillman (Donna)
Phone: 812-216-1897  
Email Address: rdillman49@gmail.com


Evansville CrossPointe Trinity Wesleyan Church
6515 Old Boonville Hwy., Evansville, IN 47715
Phone: 812-297-0261

Web:  www.crosspointetrinity.com

Pastor: Duane Allison
Phone: 812-746-0359
Email Address: duane@crosspointetrinity.com

Evansville El Taller del Alfarero

33 West Virginia St., Evansville, IN 47710

Pastor:  Sergio Avila (Juany)

Phone:  812-305-1240

Email Address:  sergio.job61@hotmail.com


Evansville Forest Hills Wesleyan Church
2801 Claremont Ave., Evansville, IN 47712
Phone: 812-424-2647
Email Address: fhwchurch1@sigecom.net


Pastor: Ray Austin (Pam)
Phone: 812-251-8600
Email Address: pastor.rayaustin@gmail.com


Evansville North Park Wesleyan Church
3360 First Ave., Evansville, IN 47710
Phone: 812-422-3656
Web: http://www.northparkwesleyanchurch.org

Pastor: Brian Sorensen (Kati)
Phone: 812-251-5574
Email Address: bdsorens72@gmail.com

Fort Branch Wesleyan Church
200 N. Vine St., Fort Branch, IN 47648

Pastor: TBA

Email Address: 


Franklin Wesleyan Church
238 Lynhurst, Franklin, IN 46131

Web:  www.franklinwesleyan.org

Pastor: Don W. Neal (Marilyn)
Phone: 812-988-4324
Email Address: donmjneal@yahoo.com


French Lick Springs Valley Wesleyan Church
821 S. Indiana Ave., French Lick, IN 47432
Phone: 812-936-4539

Pastor: John Moffatt (June)
Phone: 812-936-2887
Email Address: june@bluemarble.net


Gnaw Bone Wesleyan Church
4928 E. Old St. Rd. 46, Nashville, IN 47448
Phone: 812-988-2387

Pastor: Bob England (Vivian)
Phone: 812-988-2387
Email Address:


Greenfield Wesleyan Church
400 S. Noble, Greenfield, IN 46140

Greensburg LifeLine Wesleyan Church
2002 Moscow Rd., Greensburg, IN 47240
Phone: 812-663-6230
Web: http://www.greensburgwesleyanchurch.com

Senior Pastor:  Nathan Muncie (Faith)

Phone:  812-527-7190

Email:  gnmuncie@hotmail.com

Missions Pastor: Doug Preston (Sherri)
Phone: 812-593-4581

Email: pastor.dougpreston@gmail.com


Greenwood Wesleyan Church
198 North Emerson Ave., Greenwood, IN 46143
Phone: 317-888-7563
Web: http://www.greenwoodwesleyan.org

Pastor: James D. Hughes (Susie)
Phone: 317-502-7046
Email Address: hughesjim007@gmail.com

Holton Crossroads Community Wesleyan Church

5112 W. US 50, Holton, IN 47023

Pastor: Jim Adams (Michele)

Phone:  812-663-3695

Email Address: adamstreeservice00@gmail.com


Hope First Wesleyan Church
733 E. Washington, Hope, IN 47246

Pastor: John Marquis (Anneliese)  
Phone: 812-391-1684
Email Address: jmarquis2013@gmail.com


Lawrenceburg Wesleyan Church
408 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Phone: 812-537-0584

Pastor: Mark Kessen (Vickie)
Phone: 812-689-5468
Email Address: makessen@yahoo.com


Lewis Creek Wesleyan Church
2010 W. 850 S, Flat Rock, IN 47234-9777

Pastor: David Gates (Betty)
Phone: 812-344-4728
Email Address: dgates@mwinet.net


Living Waters Wesleyan Church
7 South Main St., Carthage, IN 46115

Pastor: Doug Stroud (Brandy)
Phone: 317-502-5796
Email Address: dougstroud75@gmail.com

Assistant Pastor:  Stephen Landon (Marcia)

Phone:  317-498-0528

Email Address:  slandon@nltc.net

Loogootee Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church
RR 4, Box 35, Loogootee, IN 47553

Pastor: Caleb Moffatt (Keanna)
Phone: 812-788-0946

Email Address: bmoff_00@hotmail.com


Madison Calvary Wesleyan Church
1627 Clifty Dr., Madison, IN 47250
Fax: 812-265-2561

Web: www.madisonwesleyan.org

Pastor: Monty L. Mahoney (Karen)
Phone: 812-273-5392
Email Address: montymahoney@outlook.com


Marengo Wesleyan Church
140 E. Pleasant Ave., Marengo, IN 47140
Phone: 812-365-2448

Web:  http://www.marengowesleyan.org

Pastor: Ryan Fish (Lisa)
Phone: 231-282-0588
Email Address: ryanlisafish@yahoo.com

Youth Pastor:  Bryant Mortensen (Larissa)

Phone:  812-968-4380

Email Address:  bryant.marengowesleyan@gmail.com


Martinsville Wesleyan Church
690 S. Mulberry St., Martinsville, IN 46151
Phone: 765-342-1988

Pastor: Don Sparks
Phone:  765-342-1998
Email Address: smokey03usa@aol.com



Martinsville Bethel Wesleyan Church
8240 New Harmony Rd., Martinsville, IN 46151

Pastor: David McCarty (Victoria)
Phone: 765-315-0808
Email Address: sokol08@msn.com


Mecca New Life Wesleyan Church
4924 W. College Street, Mecca, IN 47860
Web: www.meccanewlife.org



Medora Wesleyan Church
PO Box 21, Medora, IN 47260

Pastor: Clarence Breeden (Pam)
Phone: 812-966-2664
Email Address: skbreeden@gmail.com

Asst. Pastor:  Pam Breeden (Clarence)

Phone:  812-966-2664

Email Address: pambreeden1@gmail.com


Milan Wesleyan Church
413 N. Main St., Milan, IN 47031

Pastor: Andrew Hosier (Hollie)
Phone: 812-577-4870
Email Address: pastorhosier@gmail.com


Mitchell Wesleyan Church
211 West Frank St., Mitchell, IN 47446
Phone: 812-849-3033

Pastor:Stephen Jones (Jennifer)
Phone: 812-849-3758

Email address: srjjljbrk@frontier.com

Asst. Pastors:  Charles & Carol Johnson

Phone:  812-620-7133; 812-620-7131

Email address:  johnsoncarol51@yahoo.com


Mooresville New Life Wesleyan Church
4356 E. S.R. 144, Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone: 317-372-7757

Web:  nlcw-church.com

Pastor:  Michael J. Linville, II (Traci)

Phone:  317-372-7757

Email Address:  pastor@nlcw-church.com


North Vernon Wesleyan Church
22 E. Poplar St., North Vernon, IN 47265

Web: www.nvwesleyan.com

Pastor: TBA
Email Address:


Orleans Wesleyan Church
1463 S. Maple St., Orleans, IN 47452
Phone: 812-865-3106

Pastor: Mike Hester (Beverly)
Phone: 812-865-3106
Email Address: owcp@netsurfusa.net


Otwell Wesleyan Church
PO Box 57, Otwell, IN 47564
Phone: 812-354-2672

Pastor: Roy Stilwell (Margie)
Phone: 812-354-3028

Paoli Wesleyan Church
601 SW First St., Paoli, IN 47454
Phone: 812-338-2457
Email Address: paoliwes@blueriver.net

Web:  www.paoliwesleyan.com

Pastor: Lyndel Manship (Carolyn)
Phone:  812-723-4058
Email Address: lrm.hwy150@gmail.com

Poplar Grove Wesleyan Church
11165 Poplar Grove Rd., Shoals, IN 47581

Pastor: Dan Gormong (Nancy) (Pulpit Supply)
Phone: 812-418-4128
Email Address: dn.gormong@ma.rr.com

Princeton Grace Fellowship Wesleyan Church
901 S. Stormont Street., Princeton, IN 47670
Phone: 812-386-7987

Web:  www.gracefellowshipwc.com

Pastor: Amber Cook (Darin)
Phone:  812-677-3402
Email Address:  pastoramber.cook@gmail.com

Rising Sun Wesleyan Church
PO Box 165, 4th St., Rising Sun, IN 47040

Pastor: James Kelley

Email Address:  pastorjkelley@gmail.com

Rodney Wesleyan Church
8787 S. Co. Rd. 60 SW, Westport, IN 47283

Pastor: Tony Guy (Debra)
Phone: 317-642-7929

Email Address: rlg171959@gmail.com

Salem Wesleyan Church
607 N. College Ave., Salem, IN 47167
Web:  www.salemwesleyanchurch.com

Pastor: Stephen Caniff (Cindy)
Phone: 812-620-5660
Email Address: stephencaniff@gmail.com


Sandford Wesleyan Church
PO Box 97, Sandford, IN 47877

Pastor: Carl Hedden (Esther)
Phone: 812-201-0817
Email Address: recmhedd@frontier.com

Seymour Wesleyan Church
722 N. Ewing St., Seymour, IN 47274

Pastor: Matt Price (Sherri)
Phone: 812-592-8359
Email Address: sixtysixbooks.matthew@aol.com


Shelbyville Grace Wesleyan Church
56 E. Franklin St., Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone: 317-421-0611

Pastor: Jose Rivera (Fran)
Phone: 267-772-1684
Email Address: pastorjoselwc@yahoo.com

Shelbyville Westside Wesleyan Church
534 Dunn Ave., Shelbyville, IN 46176

Pastor: David Wallace (Cheryl) (Supply)
Phone:  812-767-6883
Email Address: Davidwallace.com@gmx.com


Somerville Wesleyan Church
107 E. Main St., Somerville, IN 47683
Phone: 812-795-2255

Pastor: L. David Brandon (Marlina)
Phone: 812-795-2511

Email Address:  dbrandon6@frontier.com

Southwind Wesleyan Church
1782 Troy Road, Washington, IN 47501
Phone: 812-254-1291

Pastor: Phillip Kessen (LaDonna)
Phone: 812-257-0149
Email Address: philkessen@yahoo.com

Spearsville Wesleyan Church
9174 N. Upper Bean Blossom, Trafalgar, IN 46181

Pastor: Chris Neff (Rebekah)
Phone: 765-913-1000
Email Address:


Spencer Wesleyan Church
PO Box 389, Spencer, IN 47460
Phone: 812-829-1622

Pastor: Jim Knight (Rita)
Phone: 812-383-7120
Email Address: knightjr47855@yahoo.com

Sullivan Wesleyan Church
317 N. Main St., Sullivan, IN 47882

Pastor: Matthew Wright
Phone: 812-239-4315

Email Address: pastormatthew@sullivanwesleyanchurch.org


Sylvania Wesleyan Church
8317 Sylvania Road, Bloomfield, In 47424

Pastor: TBA
Email Address:


Terre Haute Faith Wesleyan Church
6751 S. Carlisle St., Terre Haute, IN 47802
Phone: 812-299-8365
Web: http://www.faithwesleyanchurch.org

Pastor: Stephen Sanchez (Jennifer)
Phone:  505-900-1190
Email: pastorsteve12@gmail.com


Terre Haute Free Life Community Wesleyan Church
1620 S. 20th St., Terre Haute, IN 47803
Phone: 812-242-9556
Web: www.freelifecc.com

Pastor: Dan A. Willis (Beth)
Phone: 812-223-3415
Email Address: dan.willis@freelifecc.com

Executive Pastor: Kris Robinson (Jessica)

Phone: 812-241-5649

Email Address: fhmaxim@yahoo.com

Assistant Pastor:  Robert Rost (Mary)

Phone:  812-235-0278

Email Address:  robtrost@aol.com

Youth Pastor: Johnathon Allen (Mandy)

Phone: 812-249-1140

Email Address: mr.johnathonwallen@gmail.com

Lay Asst. to the Pastor: Heather VanLannen-Capps

Phone:  812-298-4764

Email Address:  heather_sunshine@yahoo.com

Lay Asst. to the Pastor:  Joel Brooks

Phone:  812-241-3600

Email Address: shepherdbrooks31@gmail.com


Terre Haute Northside Wesleyan Church
2439 N. 14-1/2 St., Terre Haute, IN 47804

Pastor: Adam Power (Megan)
Phone: 812-264-9322

Email Address: adamp29@yahoo.com

Valeene Wesleyan Church
7919 S. Co. Rd. 325 E., Hardinsburg, IN 47125

Pastor: David Manship (Linda)
Phone: 812-865-0308

Email Address:  revdav@hotmail.com

Assistant Pastor:  Harvey McAdams (Eva)

Phone: 812-723-4634

Email Address:  harveymcadams@gmail.com

Walker Chapel Wesleyan Church
9705 S. 100 W. Columbus, IN 47201-9232

Pastor: Roy B. Hendershot, Jr. (Mary Jean)
Phone: 812-350-9386
Email Address: pastorroyb@hotmail.com

Washington Vincennes Ave. Wesleyan Church
1801 Vincennes Ave., Washington, IN 47501

Pastor: Jewel Gilley (Gene)
Phone: 812-254-0078
Email Address: mamawjewelgilley@hotmail.com

Wesley Chapel Wesleyan Church
9964 S. 725 E., St. Paul, IN 47272

Pastor: Aaron Williams (Ashley)
Phone: 812-651-8299
Email Address: pastoradubb@gmail.com  

West Terre Haute 8th Street Wesleyan Church
111 S. 8th St., West Terre Haute, IN 47885
Phone: 812-533-1363

Web: www.8thstreetwesleyan.net

Pastor: Paul Bundy (Paulette)
Phone: 717-881-5466

Email Address:  pastorpmbundy@yahoo.com


Westport Wesleyan Church
PO Box 296, 407 E. Bennett St., Westport, IN 47283

Web:  www.westportwesleyan.org

Pastor: Paul Hornberger (Lynnette)
Phone: 812-651-8877
Email Address: pdhornberger@yahoo.com

Wheatland Wesleyan Church
PO Box 25, E. Main St., Wheatland, IN 47597

Web: www.wheatlandwesleyanchurch.webs.com

Pastor: Ken Mitchell (Valerie)
Phone: 812-321-2094

Email Address: kgmvam@gmail.com


Whitehall Wesleyan Church
RR 1, Solsberry, IN 47459

Pastor: Donald K. Campbell (Rhonda)
Phone: 812-876-9480
Email Address: dcampbell5502@gmail.com

Wilmington Hills Wesleyan Church
13044 S. Wilmington Hills Dr., Aurora, IN 47001
Phone: 812-926-3968

Web:  www.wilmingtonhillswesleyan.me-free.website

Pastor: James Kessen
Phone: 812-926-1377

Email Address: pastorjameshk@gmail.com

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