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Mark Eckart's Personal Testimony

I was raised in the first state capital of the great state of Indiana in a town called Corydon. My parents (Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Ella Eckart) took me to church when I was three days old and I have been attending church ever since!

Like most teens I became rebellious, but by the grace of God I was converted when I was 17 in a holiness camp meeting. When I got saved it changed my whole life. After my conversion I still remember kneeling in prayer by my parents kitchen, when God spoke to me about attending Bible College.

I went to college and was sanctified in my junior year. Jesus was my Savior but now He was also my Lord. I continued walking with the Lord and eventually He called me into the ministry, even though I felt like I was unworthy to be a minister of the gospel.

At Bible College God also led me to my lovely wife, Debbie. Later God has given us three children for which we are thankful.

I am grateful to God for His leadership in all areas of my life. May God be praised for all things!
Loving God and serving others,

Mark S. F. Eckart
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