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Indiana South Clergy Development



October 14 & 28, 2017

            Doctrine of Holiness (C42)

Professor Dr. Mark Eckart


March 17 & April 14, 2018

            Methods of Bible Study (C14)

Professor Dr. Mark Eckart




Clergy Development Seminar

May 7-11, 2018

Orleans Wesleyan Campground



Rev. Glenn D. Black will teach:

            Wesleyan Church History & Discipline (C35) Monday – Wednesday



Rev. Charles Stroud will teach:

            Sociology / Cultural Anthropology (C21) Wednesday - Friday



Rev. Joey Nelson will teach:

            Advanced Theology (C32)

Monday - Wednesday

Church Leadership/Management (C38)

Wednesday - Friday



Dr. Mark Eckart will teach:

            Introduction to Homiletics (C33)

Monday - Wednesday

Pastoral Counseling (C44)

Wednesday - Friday




For more information contact: Rev. Bob L. England,

855 Hwy 541, Jackson, KY  41339

Home Phone:  606-718-0011    Cell 812.865.6599

Email: began.69wv@gmail.com



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