Forest Hills


Lead Pastor

Job Description

Forest Hills Wesleyan Church, located in Evansville, IN, is seeking the will of God and discerning who He has for our next Pastor. Our current Pastor is retiring from full time ministry. Our Church is searching for a Pastor who lead us in our Christian walk by continuing to follow God’s will in each of our lives. A Pastor who will have a passion for our people, our surrounding community, and beyond the walls of our facility. A Pastor who’s main objective is saving souls, discipleship, and helping individuals grow in Christ.


Our next Pastor should have a preaching style that will be scripture based, loving in content, engaging, and aligned with that of the Wesleyan/Arminian doctrine. Sermons should lead one to Christ.

Our next Pastor should have a heart that is kind, giving to those who may be hurting, sick (both physically and mentally), and most importantly, the lost. Personality gifts should be friendly, hospitable, outgoing, sense of humor, compassionate, and interested in the lives of our Church members and attendees.

Our next Pastor should have experience with congregations of around 200-275. A background of working with all ministries of our church including children, youth, young adults, along with our elders is very desirable. Outreach and community involvement would be desirable. Involvement with our neighboring churches would be necessary as well.

Our next Pastor should have a strong working relationship with the local board of administration along with district participation.

This position is considered full time. FHWC offers a salary for this position, Parsonage, paid utilities, cell phone allowance, paid insurance, and vacation has set by the Wesleyan discipline. We understand that our Pastor may have other employment opportunities to supplement his/her income but the church must remain the first priority. The Pastor will be reviewed annually as directed by the Wesleyan discipline.

Contact: As an interested candidate, we ask you forward your resume to:

Brian Hester, Vice Chairman

Email address:  812-499-9718